Wingman vs Avoma -
A smarter, faster conversation
intelligence platform.

Wingman vs
Avoma -

A smarter, faster conversation
intelligence platform.

Goodbye, basic CRM integration. Hello, two-way sync and deal intelligence. Hit and exceed your revenue goals with Wingman, an AI-powered sales platform that runs laps around the competition.

Wingman generates intelligence faster and more accurately than Avoma.

Just wait click and watch!

Recordings show up in Wingman transcribed and analyzed minutes after a call ends. Review meetings, update notes, and share recordings - in a flash!

Transcripts accurate up to 85%

If your transcripts are wrong, then what’s right with your sales platform? Wingman helps you ace your sales calls with accurate transcripts packed with speaker differentiation, AI-powered notes, and actionable insights.

Easy, clean interface

Too many icons? Too many features? Poor insight views? Sounds like a clunky platform - that you don’t need. Experience a clean and simple interface with Wingman. It’s fast, intuitive, easy to use, and gets you what you want.

Two-way sync with CRMs

Gain complete control of your data with powerful two-way sync between Wingman and your CRM. Get real-time alerts, and don’t miss out on sales opportunities and at-risk deals that need your attention.

Get more out of the same price

No platform fee, no minimum seats, no charge for non-recording users. What you see is what you pay. Choose from 3 pricing plans starting at just 60$/month, billed annually.

More coaching, more selling, more deals - Wingman gives you more!

More accurate analysis means no guesswork

Wondering why your deals take so long to close? Or why certain stages of deal-nurturing see maximum drop-offs? The guessing game is getting old. Now you’ll know.

Real-time coaching with battle cards

Contextual flashcards pop up during sales conversations. Turn your prospect’s pain points into easy-to-convert home runs. Go, shoot ‘em objections down!

Do only what you
do best - SELL!

Stop shuffling apps and focus on selling. From daily deal alerts to post-call summaries, get the scoop right in slack so you can take immediate action. Post-call workflows simplified? Check!

Loved and trusted by sales leads

Recommended by
market experts

Wingman syncs seamlessly with all the apps you love

Your Wingman on every sales interaction.