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Selling is a breeze when you know what exactly to say and when to say it

With Wingman, unleash the power of live, AI-powered training to close sales faster.

Easier Review

Review 1 hr long call in less than 10 mins. Navigate to important conversation points without having to listen to the entire call.

Real-time Tips

Be equipped with facts, stats and all talking points to navigate through tricky situations on every sales call.

Get Insights

Know what's working well–objection handling techniques, best sales pitches & winning patterns, so you can improve the quality of every sales call.

Always be ready

Stay on top of the conversations. Get a quick refresher of previous discussions and follow-up steps discussed in a single glance.

Our Clients Know Best

Killer product for sales coaching. Gong is way too expensive and enterprise (annual only) for basically the same core features we wanted. Plus, Wingman has a better interface.
Jon Tucker
“Great Learning and Management Tool for SDR/AE. I have 12 employees who sell over the phone every day. Wingman has helped me take back control of call coaching, controlling consistent messaging and more.
Elliot P
Head of inside sales
“Indispensable repository of my conversations, I never miss out on the context of a call. Wingman allows me to revisit the conversation, take notes and plan the next steps in a more strategic manner so that no context is lost.”
Adithya J

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