Stop juggling.

Drop the ball.

Let Actions pick up the slack. Real-time, intelligent alerts from your Wingman delivered where you work.

Use Actions in Slack to automate non-selling tasks, stop revenue leak, collaborate on key deals and make your forecasts more accurate.

Better sales conversations

Prospect intel. Call summaries. Easy CRM sync. Auto-filled follow-up emails 🔥. Get everything you need to focus on your customer and have better sales conversations. 

Revenue collaboration FTW

Call coaching. Pipeline reviews. Playbooks. Product feedback. Voice of the customer. Easily share insights to align revenue-critical teams and drive collaboration with Actions.

Signals, not noise

Forget non-stop notifications. Get custom alerts delivered at just the right time and place, so you get visibility into your sales org, minus all the chatter.

Let’s juggle less and sell more?

Stop revenue leak

Pricing not discussed, no decision-makers or competitor mentions — Actions automatically surfaces at-risk opportunities, so you can collaborate on key deals and push more to the finish line.

Optimize sales workflows

Cut the busywork with pre- and post-call Actions in Slack for prospect intelligence, call summaries and email follow-ups (with pre-filled next steps). Or update CRM in a click. Make more time for selling. 

Make sales forecasts more accurate

Poor CRM hygiene means patchy forecasts. Actions in Slack makes it easy to update deal info after every call, keeping your data accurate so you can forecast with confidence.

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