sales leaders choose Wingman over Dooly

sales leaders

choose Wingman over Dooly

A Salesforce integration doesn’t convert leads into customers; your sales force does. Wingman arms your reps with powerful metrics, insights, and live cues that help them move the needle on conversions and revenue.

Get the intelligence you need right on your Slack - sales insights, automation, and acceleration.

Pre-call prep

Wingman sends you essential deal info for your upcoming meetings on Slack to help you ace that call. Get meeting info, prospect intel, and view past conversations before your next call, right in Slack.

At-risk deal warnings

Pricing not discussed? Competitors mentioned? Decision maker not on call? Get visibility into at-risk deals and capture every drop of revenue with custom deal alerts, delivered to you in Slack.

Post-call checklist

Get a checklist of your next-steps automatically based on your conversations’ recording. Use post-call Actions follow-up emails and update prospect data in your CRM through Slack.

Move beyond raw data - Get actionable intelligence with Wingman

Not just battlecards; get the whole armory

Get end-to-end deal intelligence, spot at-risk deals and receive automatic deal warnings while you have time for an intervention!

All your insights in one place

No more trawling multiple sources to formulate strategy and sales targets. Get consolidated insights from all sales interactions, including your dialer, email, meetings, Slack and CRM.

Multiply your sales stars

Cookie-cutter coaching is for rookies. Wingman tells you what each rep needs to step up and step into greatness. Enable them with relevant feedback, notes, and examples.

Wingman eases everyday sales processes so that your team focuses on what it does best - Selling.

Do what works for you
(again and again and again)

Draw insights from your customers’ objections and goals and identify where your team typically loses them (or wins them over). Create repeatable, winning sales scripts and strategies and open the floodgates to revenue. Cha-ching!

A Wingman for when the going gets tough.

Only the real ones show up in tough situations. Add Wingman’s live assistance to your arsenal to ask the right questions, dodge bullets, and battle sales objections with the right moves and tools.

All work and no sales makes you a dull team.

No more copying data to Salesforce. Or from Slack. Or importing from Hubspot. With Wingman, everything is automatically synced.
No manual updates. No housekeeping. Just selling.

Loved and trusted by sales leads

Recommended by
market experts

Wingman syncs seamlessly with all the apps you love

Your Wingman on every sales interaction.