Your Revenue Accelerator.

Wingman is an actionable conversation intelligence platform that unlocks insights from every sales interaction.

Use Wingman to record your calls, review deals, scale coaching and build a repeatable sales machine.

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Revenue intelligence is not actionable.

Dashboards don’t close deals. Your sales reps do. Act when it matters.

We call it Actionable Intelligence.

Wingman proactively alerts managers to deals at risk and calls that need coaching. Wingman is always present on every call, continuously assisting your reps as they talk to customers.

We help you change sales behaviors in the moment through monologue alerts. Coach your reps on sales objections, while they’re on call.

Win this quarter and the next. Unless you enjoy post mortems after a deal is lost.

It’s a game changer. Go on, hit the Gong.

Listen Read your calls

Your entire call library, always available and fully searchable.

Breeze through call reviews

Scan through transcripts. Search for keywords. Choose a speaker to listen to. Zip through at 2X speed or go straight to the questions.

Easy sharing with view intelligence

Effortlessly share call URLs with prospects. Know exactly when they watch the recordings and strike when the iron is hot. Timing is everything.

Better decisions. Facts, not opinions.

Deal intelligence

Pricing not discussed? No decision-maker? Missed follow-ups? Wingman alerts you to everything you need to know so you spot at-risk deals from a mile away.

Deal intelligence

Spot deals that need attention with automatic deal warnings

Market intelligence

Build your GTM strategy based on first-hand insights. Know who your competition is and who you’re losing to.

Market intelligence

Know who you’re up against across all your deals

Conversation intelligence

Know your prospects’ pain points, biggest sales objections or budget concerns. No more hidden signals.

Conversation intelligence

Are your reps asking the right discovery questions?

Coaching intelligence

Track sales behaviors for personalized coaching. Make every player your best player. Leave cookie cutter coaching to the rookies.

Coaching intelligence

Track your reps’ talk/listen ratio across sales calls

Product intelligence

Easily share the true voice of the customer with internal teams. Create something your customers will use love.

Product intelligence

Easily search call transcripts for feedback from customers

Spot deals that need attention with automatic deal warnings

Smart Coaching

Make it your ramp accelerator

One: Many coaching

Sales coaching at scale is hard — not anymore. Find coachable moments every day. Identify and replicate your best practices effortlessly. Turn coaching into a daily habit, without more meetings on your calendar.

DIY onboarding

Give your new reps a flying start with Gametapes — playlists of your best calls for discovery, objection handling and more. Help them navigate tricky calls with live sales battlecards.

Win/Loss Insights

Win. Rinse. Repeat.

Know why your prospects swipe left. Is it your pricing? Competitors? No next steps? A flying pig?

Use Wingman’s real-time win/loss insights to build a repeatable sales playbook. Better yet, tweak it in minutes and share with the team. Predictable revenue growth, hello.

Know which competitors are taking a bite out of your revenue pie
Track how sales behaviors such as talk:listen ratio affect deal outcomes

Hello CRM, meet Actionable Intelligence.

Wingman connects the sales tools you already use — your calendar, CRM, dialer and video conferencing apps. Slack too. Everything you need is synced magically. No manual updates. No housekeeping. Focus on what you do best.

George Leith

We've been scaling fast during the past year, from raising $120M to adding 175 employees. Scaling is hard but with Wingman, we've been able to build a repeatable sales motion and make sales coaching a part of the culture. It’s been absolutely fantastic!

George Leith
Chief Customer Officer, Vendasta

Your Wingman on every sales interaction.