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Wingman vs Gong

From live cues on calls to call transcripts, and real-time sales coaching to the visibility into guaranteed deals in the pipeline, Wingman packs a punch right out of the box with powerful insights, all within your budget.

Here's why growing sales teams love us


AI-based, real-time coaching

AI-based recommendation to review

Cue Cards: Live prompts on the call

Free onboarding

Desktop app

Two-way, direct HubSpot integration

Direct Slack integration

Full support in data migration


Real-time coaching

AI-based recommendation to review

Live prompts on the call

Free Onboarding

Desktop app

HubSpot integration through Zap

Slack integration through Zap

Full support in data migration

Our clients know best

“We moved from Gong to Wingman recently.
We found that the direction Gong was going wasn't inline with why we signed up. Wingman has all the bells and whistles for data collection, analytics, and real-time coaching. It's been working for us really well.”
Daniel Kushner
Gong is way too expensive and enterprise (annual only) for basically the same core features we wanted. Wingman is insanely great sales coaching tool. It's so much better than other ways we were coaching before, with manual zoom recordings. Plus, Wingman has a better interface.
Jon Tucker
“Great Learning and Management Tool for SDR/AE. I have 12 employees who sell over the phone every day. Wingman has helped me take back control of call coaching, controlling consistent messaging and more.
Elliot P
Head of inside sales

We fit right into your tech stack

From HubSpot and Salesforce to your favourite dialers, Wingman provides seamless integration with all the popular CRMs, dialers and video conferencing tools in your tech stack.

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annually per rep

Audio/Video Recording

Transcription & AI tags

Trends Dashboard & Call Analytics

2-way CRM integration

Real-time notes & alerts

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