Plain old CRM insights can’t help you run revenue.

Plain old CRM insights can’t help you run revenue.

Rattle’s CRM insights and deal alerts aren’t a pipe dream for sales teams. In fact, they’re the standard.
For a little more green, leverage Wingman’s actionable conversation intelligence to run your revenue from discovery to closed won.
Does all that Rattle can and more…

Using Wingman’s deep integration with Salesforce, you can update any CRM field, get deal alerts and collaborate. Prep for meetings with pre-call alerts, manage opportunity risk with deal warnings and nurture new deals with post-call actions, all within Slack.

Auto call recording for focused conversations

Wingman creates a library of recorded, transcribed and analyzed calls —forget taking notes and focus on the conversation. Calls are automatically tagged to help you identify topics of interest and negative rep behavior.

Never miss a beat with live, contextual cues

Wingman’s desktop app helps you navigate tricky situations. Think live battle cards and cues to tackle objections and competitor mentions with ease and in that very moment.

Fast-track onboarding with game tapes

Get new reps combat-ready with a library of hand-picked game tapes. Share examples of winning cold calls and what the best in the game are doing.

Better integration, bigger deals,
more confidence – Wingman for the win

Real-time deal alerts

No more missed opportunities. Wingman alerts you about at-risk deals so that you can take action before it’s too late. Stay on top of your deals with Wingman’s deal central - your single source of truth.

Call Scorecards

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. With Call Scorecards, you can measure, track and improve sales performance with proactive sales coaching. Create custom scoring templates for discovery calls, demos, or even individual reps.

Powerful integrations

Wingman connects seamlessly with your tech stack - from your CRM and dialers to Slack and conferencing tools. You get all your sales data in one place.

Easy to set up, easy to use

Wingman connects to your calendar with a quick one-time sync. Our bot joins calls and meetings automatically, and you get annotated call transcripts as soon as the call is done. Everyone can set up and use Wingman like a pro.

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