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Wingman is here to help you have intelligence and feedback on every sales conversation.

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Get better visibility into sales calls

With automatic audio and video recording, get better visibility into your teams sales calls. Track the progress of all your prospects in the deal pipeline.

Asynchronous sales coaching

You won't miss being in the office to share or receive feedback on sales calls. With Wingman, you can tag reps and add comments on sales calls for feedback.

Realtime note-taking and cues

You don't have to juggle between notepads and memorizing all documentation. Wingman's real-time notes and automated Cue cards will help you to have better conversations.

Features you need

Wingman's features enable sales reps and managers to employ a consistent workflow and coordinate between different teams


Wingman has been vital for Synup, especially for our distributed workforce spread across the US and the globe. Wingman offers us visibility into sales calls, drive training and maintaining brand messaging that is constantly evolving. With Wingman, we are able to impact remote sellers through coaching and also leverage team selling to close bigger deals, faster.

Kevin Clark - VP Sales

Our most frequently asked questions.

What are the next steps?

Request a demo and our sales team will contact you at the earliest to get you started on Wingman.

How long will it take for my team to set up?

From signing up, Wingman will take lesser than your regular coffee break to set up.

How much does Wingman cost?

To help sales teams achieve remote work and prioritize the safety of health, we are offering free access for 60 days. Our pricing is straight forward with no hidden charges.

What tools can wingman work with?

Wingman integrates with Zoom, Google Meets, BlueJeans, Salesforce, Hubspot, and calendars. Check out other tools that we integrate with.