Spreadsheets leaving you scratching your head?
We get you.

Spreadsheets leaving you scratching you head?
We get you.

Salesforce data on a Scratchpad spreadsheet isn't an insight, it's raw data. Useful, but you need more. You need actionable insights, real-time deal alerts, and on-call cues to give your revenue teams an edge. You need Wingman.

Get real-time, actionable insights in your Slack

Easy CRM updates, no spreadsheets

Scratchpad is a neat little solution for updating CRM, but yet another spreadsheet? Nooooo! Wingman’s robust two-way CRM integration updates your Salesforce (or HubSpot) records in real-time, right from Slack. A few clicks, no spreadsheets.

Take action with real-time, intelligent Slack alerts

Your AI-powered sales assistant surfaces revenue-critical insights that you can instantly act on. Less noise, more signals. Call prep, follow-ups, post-call workflows and collaborating on deals at risk: take action with Wingman in your Slack.

Bring it all together in a centralized revenue platform

Siloed recordings, transcripts, and sales data from multiple apps makes revenue tracking a nightmare. Wingman centralizes all your sales conversations with powerful integrations for your CRM, email, dialer and more. Less juggling, more selling.

Get, set,
go in minutes,
not weeks

All this and more, in an easy to set up and easy to use interface. Intuitive dashboards and round-the-clock support, too. A wingman is supposed to make life easier, right?

Speed up sales onboarding by 50%

Build your own sales call library with Game Tapes

All your sales conversations are automatically recorded, transcribed, and analyzed, so it’s easy to create a library of Game Tapes — playlists of your best sales calls, objection handling and more — to get new reps off to a flying start.

Use Battle Cards to hit the right notes on every call

With live, contextual cues for unique selling points, discovery and even competitor mentions, Wingman helps your new reps navigate tricky situations on calls with ease. So they get combat-ready faster, delivering a perfect pitch every time.

Stop revenue leak with
real-time deal actions

Wingman helps sales managers focus on deals that need attention based on intelligence from conversations with your prospects. Pricing not discussed? Competitors mentioned too often? Take instant action from your Slack.

Loved and trusted by sales leads everywhere!

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market experts

Wingman syncs seamlessly with all the apps you love

Your Wingman on every sales interaction.